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Whole Food Nutrition & Herbal Counseling

Practices for Mind, Body, & Soul

Root Source Health and Wellness

Mind, Body, Soul, & Spirit

to improve overall Health and Wellness

What is Optimal Health?

A decade plus career as a Dietitian, student of herbal medicine, and energy work practitioner, has led me to know that integrating practices of mindfulness, eating whole foods, adding body movement, exercise, staying hydrated, getting proper and adequate sleep, healing trauma, and an attitude of being grateful, all lead to well-being, healing, and a shift into higher awareness. An overall feeling within that All Is One.

How do I Achieve Optimal Health


The mission and purpose of Root Source Health and Wellness is to guide you to integrated practices for the mind, body, and spirit. From these practices you may gain a deeper level of knowing, connection to your source, greater well-being and gain a deeper sense of connectedness to all things. First, we need to care for our physical body. Incorporating the best nutrition is key for our mind, body, and spirit. Once you feel the energy and power of nutrition, you are able to move your body more, think more clearly, sleep better, and want to improve your life and the life of those around you. This is the positive wheel cycle that I incorporate into my practice.


Mindfulness means living in the present moment. It allows you to listen to what your body needs and feels now. Retraining the brain from old neural pathways to make new healthy pathways is key in becoming more mindful. Using mantras, positive self-talk, and motivational quotes can help propel towards your mental health goals in your journey of well-being. We give you tools along your journey to mindfulness.

Connect to Root Source

What is root source? Finding your passion, path, and purpose through your personal connection to source energy.

Why is this important? We all have a purpose that is ingrained within us from birth. Some of us remember easily while others struggle to find it and some even choose to ignore it. We need to honor our purpose and fulfill it the best to our ability.

How can this be achieved? First, by caring for our body, we can increase physical awareness through nutritious food, physical activity, hydration, and sleep. We develop physical awareness of the state of our body and become more mindful of what it needs. Though that routine and repetition, mental clarity and awareness occurs. What can occur next is spiritual clarity and being attune.


Let’s work together

towards your journey

to better health and wellness